3 Mission Statement

The Williamsport & North Branch Railroad Historical Society (WNBRRHS or WNB for short) is a small group of dedicated members, committed to preserving items of railroad history, and advancing the science of model railroading of all scales,within Lycoming County.Current projects include the following:
Restoration, preservation, and operation of the historic Alex Landesco HO Pennsylvania Model RR
Restoration of the Weigh Station used in Hughesville by the Williamsport & North Branch RR
Operation of the Society's HO modules at selected shows.Future Project: Construction of a model of the Williamsport & North Branch railroad from Halls Station to Sattersfield, when space for a layout is obtained.Scales: The weight station is full scale. The Landesco layout and modules are HO scale. Some members also operate or collect G, N, O, and S scales.